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HDR from a single RAW


Painting with Light

Inspired by childhood memories of New Year’s Eve and sparklers, this time we decided to give them a try in a slightly different convention. The results can be seen below.


Manfrotto 055XPROB + 460MG Magnesium Head

The 055XPROB is Manfrotto’s largest professional ergonomic tripod from the best-selling 055 family, designed for general, outdoor and indoor photography. It features the revolutionary centre column which can be adjusted to achieve several different configurations. The 055XPROB offers exceptional stability even in difficult terrain, therefore, it’s an excellent choice for landscape photographers. It’s available in both aluminum and lighter carbon fibre version, which also reflects on the price. Combined with the 460MG Magnesium Head, it’s by far one of the most versatile professional tripod on the market. For detailed specifications on the 055XPROB and 460MG Magnesium Head please visit Manfrotto’s official website.


Seven Inexpensive Gadgets for your DSLR

You can easily extend the capabilities of your DSLR camera with some of the inexpensive gadgets described below. These are usually available for a variety of brands and formats, do not take up much space in your camera bag and, most of all, are relatively cheap. Search on Amazon or E-bay for great deals on both genuine and generic products. Although the following gadgets are specifically for Nikon cameras, they are usually available for other brands such as Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Pentax and Olympus.


Manfrotto 790B Modo + 494RC2 Ball Head